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Guest Acomodation - LODGE

 Only the echo of the river, could hinder your carelessness.

With only 5  suites  for close and private  groups up to 10 people.

Each room of 32 square meters, with 2 Queen Beds (American)(King size UK)

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Unplugged /Environmental Sustainability

Our unusual location off the beaten has brought us closer to sustainability, which has become a MUST and NECESSITY for PATAGONIA EAST RIVER

Renewable energy: Our off-grid photovoltaic system provides enough solar energy for our facilities.

Organic waste: It is now essential to organize organic waste for the production of fertilizer that allow self-sufficiency of vegetables and greens   in a small garden/greenhouse.

We also cooperate with the community administration by delivering useful materials to recycle such as glass, cans, cardboard, etc.

Fascinating and satisfying this whole process, we invite you to be part of the balance by supporting us with ZERO WASTE in PATAGONIA EAST RIVER and to participate in the planting of native trees and thus reduce our carbon footprint.

A In Patagonia East River we are concerned about the conservation and little intervention of the place that gives us life OUR GREAT NATURE, to ensure little impact we have a limited and exclusive capacity for groups of families, friends, companies of up to 10, ( closed groups) 

Despite being located in a remote Cordilleran area, you will be surprised to discover our comfortable and modern facilities to which you will always want to return with the security of our discretion to the pleasure of freedom.

Our bespoke service includes transfers, all meals, delicacies, concoctions and enabled facilities.

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Facilities - LODGE

After a day full of life, adventures and recharged with energy, a relaxing Wood Sauna or Hot tub awaits you, both on the banks of the river where you will enjoy the best pisco sour before enjoying the specialties of our chef Unique dishes made with local ingredients seasonal dishes such as fish, shellfish, the famous and typical Roast Lamb or Wild Boar accompanied by the best Chilean wines. If the disconnection is too much... the BarPlay room will reactivate you

Enjoy Patagonia East River, adopt our facilities as your home and enjoy delighting your fellow adventurers with your favorite recipe with the help of our chef.

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Location - Lodge

Patagonia East River is located in North Patagonia at the foot of the Andes Mountains Chile, away from cities and highways

We can organize your transfers from the international airport of Santiago de Chile



60 minutes.

By Private Charter:

30 Minutes + 60 Minutes ground transfer.

By Ground Transfer

From airport to lodge 4 Hours

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To book your stay and check available dates please contact us

You will be contacted soon!

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