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Through our company you can create your own adventures privately so that your family or corporate group can enjoy the most exclusive services that Patagonia can provide.

We have all the necessary equipment for each adventure. Our expert local guides, knowledgeable about these trails, will assist you at all times, also approaching the mentors of Llanada Grande (rural Place) and living their culture.

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Access to the river for packrafting and also horseback riding with our packraft for a few kilometers, we can enjoy several rivers throughout the day.

Available From October to March  

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Horse Riding Adventures

Horseback riding from a couple of hours to all day. Crossing rivers, climbing mountains ride through the woods, always accompanied by extraordinary views. The adventure could only improve if you also go from rain to incredible sun.

Available From October to March  

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Fly Fishing Adventures

Fishing all day, accessing remote places also by helicopter. You still have wild and hidden rivers, lakes in Chile, where you will have an amazing battle to catch the wild brown trout, mighty rainbow trout and amazing Fontinalis trout practicing catch/release .  Of course you will enjoy the famous El Chinnok king salmon fishing. . This activity takes place with all the fly fishing equipment.

Available From September 15th to May10th   

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Wild Watching Adventures

 You will always remember the calls of the Magallanico woodpeckers (Campephilus magellanicus )  the Martin Pescador ( Alcedo atthis ) Puma (name)_cc781905-4-bb3b-319 136bad5cf58d_ Pudu (Pudu puda)

Salmon Spawning - only between April and May can we observe these giants at the time they return to their birthplace  after a journey for thousands of kilometers feeding in the ocean. Every year they give us incredible images of their transformation as well as their reproduction

Available all season

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Trekking Adventures

Routes through national parks, along trails and rural roads, knowing and learning about a nature still in its purest form. These routes can be even more extraordinary by helicopter, which allows you to cover more land, overcoming rivers and mountains from the air.