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The Full Story

About us

Always oriented towards fishing and nature, in addition to looking for a special place with unique characteristics that must necessarily have difficult access so as not to intervene, being hidden between rivers and mountains we found this fantastic place where we could enjoy those days of disconnection and privacy with the whole family. Very soon we found ourselves enjoying a day of fly fishing, while others went down the river in a packraft or climbed the mountain range on horseback. At that time we began to shape the Patagonia East River.

 It was an inspiring challenge to achieve in this remote location our idea of ​​ protected by the most magical day activities Great Milky Way and a rest with the necessary comfort in the context of the virgin nature of Northern Patagonia.

We want to show the perfect harmony of Our Flora and Fauna at the same time that we are learning not to interfere in its fluidity, as original populations have always done, we are all part of nature, that is the reason for outdoor activities

Patagonia East River - Drone_37_edited.jpg
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